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Purified Grade Items

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A0135 Acetone Purified
A0720 Aluminum Potassium Sulfate Purified
A0746 Aluminum Sulfate Purified
A1272 Ammonium Chloride Purified
A1291 Ammonium Dichromate Crystal Purified
A1304 Ammonium Hydroxide 26° Be Purified
A1356 Ammonium Phosphate Dibasic Purified
A1358 Ammonium Phosphate Dibasic Purified
A1775 Ascorbic Acid Purified
B0063 Barium Chloride Crystal Purified
B0125 Barium Sulfate Purified
B0873 Boric Acid Purified
B0875 Boric Acid Purified
C0125 Calcium Carbonate Purified
C0160 Calcium Chloride 4 - 8 Mesh Purified
C0265 Calcium Oxide Purified
C0544 Castor Oil Purified
C0650 Charcoal Fine Powder Purified
C1060 Chloroform Purified
C1610 Chromium Potassium Sulfate Purified
C1620 Chromium(ic) Trioxide Purified
C1724 Citric Acid Purified
C1815 Cobalt Nitrate Purified
C1830 Cobalt Sulfate Purified
C1930 Copper Oxychloride Purified
C2140 Cupric Carbonate Purified
C2200 Cupric Sulfate Purified
C2201 Cupric Sulfate Purified
D0835 Dichloromethane Purified
D1895 Dimethyl Sulfoxide 70% Purified
E0240 Ethyl Acetate Purified
E0566 Ethylene Glycol Purified
F0219 Ferric Chloride 42° be Purified
F0230 Ferric Oxide Purified
F0267 Ferrous Sulfate Purified
G0190 Glycerin Purified
H0090 n-Heptanes Purified
H0300 Hexanes Purified
H0641 Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Purified
L0176 Lead Oxide Purified
L1010 Lactic Acid 85% Purified
M0048 Magnesium Chloride Purified
M0060 Magnesium Nitrate Purified
M0070 Magnesium Sulfate Purified
M0160 Maltose(D) Monohydrate 95% Purified
M0200 Manganese Dioxide Purified
M0218 Manganese Sulfate Monohydrate 99% Purified
M0495 Methanol Purified
M1562 Mineral Oil Heavy Purified
M1562 Mineral Oil White Heavy Purified
O0270 Oxalic Acid Purified
P1287 Polysorbate20/Tween20® Purified
P1289 Polysorbate 80 Purified
P1323 Potash Sulfurated Purified
P1384 Potassium Bromide Purified
P1400 Potassium Chlorate Purified
P1410 Potassium Chloride Purified
P1445 Potassium Dichromate Purified
P1485 Potassium Hydroxide Purified
P1495 Potassium Hydroxide 45% Purified
P1522 Potassium Nitrate Purified
P1567 Potassium Phosphate Purified
P1631 Potassium Thiocyanate Purified
P1685 1,2-Propanediol Purified
P1839 Isopropanol 70% Purified
S0321 Sodium Bicarbonate Purified
S0340 Sodium Bisulfate Purified
S0346 Sodium Bisulfite Purified
S0355 Sodium Borate Purified
S0391 Sodium Bromide Purified
S0400 Sodium Carbonate Purified
S0425 Sodium Chloride Purified
S0434 Sodium Chlorite 80% Purified
S0443 Sodium Chromate Purified
S0560 Sodium Hexametaphosphate Purified
S0597 Sodium Hydroxide 50% Purified
S0605 Sodium Hydroxide Purified
S0655 Sodium Nitrate Purified
S0755 Sodium Silicate Purified
S0762 Sodium Sulfate Purified
S0780 Sodium Sulfide, Flake Purified
S0788 Sodium Sulfite Purified
S0815 Sodium Thiosulfate Pentahydrate Purified
S0849 Sorbitol Purified
S0875 Stannic Oxide Purified
S0985 Stearic Acid Purified
S1041 Succinic Acid 99% Purified
S1242 Sulfuric Acid 36% Purified
S1243 Sulfuric Acid Purified
T0008 Tannic Acid ~86% min Purified
T0016 Tartaric Acid Purified
T0685 Titanium Dioxide Purified
T0750 Toluene Purified
T1230 Triethylene Glycol Purified
U0064 Urea Crystal Purified
X0060 Xylenes Purified
Z0008 Zinc Metal Purified
Z0010 Zinc Purified
Z0110 Zinc Sulfate Purified
Z0113 Zinc Sulfate Powder Purified